What to Do at Airport?

airportWaiting for your plane to leave can be so booooriiiiing. Here’s my list of how I keep my self sane while waiting for my flight.

  1. Shopping. Every airport has its shops from small rural ones to worlwide flight hubs. Strolling around shops is a good way to pass time. And eery once and a while you can make some good findings.
  2. Watching movies. I have my laptop and/or iPad filled with movie and TV series. So when I feel like it I just find a nice place to sit down, put my earphones on and spend two hours easily in movies.
  3. Watching planes. I love planes. Sometimes I just find a good view to runway and watch the planes and and take off. It can be quite meditating actually.
  4. Sleeping. I use my backpack as my pillow and take a nap.
  5. Reading. Waiting time at the airport is perfect time for reading the book you have always wanted to read but never had time.
  6. Listening music. Sometimes I just sit down, but my earphones on and listen music and relax.


Why I Enjoy Train Travelling

train travelTrain travel one of the best methods of transportation in most countries I have visited. At least it is usually the most comfortable one.

Espcially in UK and the rest of Europe rail travel is quick, practical and hassle-free otion. But also in the developing countries train travelling can be much more comfortable option than fully packed buses or minibuses on bumby roads. Especially when bus drivers in third world countries have no idea about road safety.

What’s nice also is that railway stations frequently have vehicle hire services if you need continue your journey by car.

Booking rail travel is simple nowadays thanks to online interfaces that offer journey, scheduling and planning services. Whether you have to just book a rail ticket or choose a complete package, with hotels and/or rental car, you can typically handle it all from one place.

While train travel works well for shorter trips, it is also perfect for longer journeys. Sleeper vehicles are available on most long routes, permitting a comfy night’s sleep. For example in Thailand you can have a good night sleep when taking an evening train from Bangkok and wake up rested in Chiang Mai (North of Thailand) or Surat Thani (Southern Thailand). Long distance train travel can sometimes even be more convenient than air travel when you think about all the hassle with check in times, security checks, waiting in lines and baggage regulations.